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How to Install a Garage Door Step by Step

Only after you know how to install a garage door, you will realize this project is probably not as complicated as you think. Of course as a DIY project, it will take longer time than having your garage door installed by the professional. However, it is worth to try installing by yourself as it will not only keep your budget low but also a satisfying activity. So, let’s wait no more and start learning how to install a garage door.

1st Step: Take out the old door

The first step on how to install a garage door is taking out the old door. You’d better follow the instructions from the manufacturer meticulously when you unlatch the old garage door from the pulley system. Take apart one panel at a time and unscrew the track, so there’s no way it will fall down on you.

2nd step: Measure, attach hinges and lift handle

Next step on how to install a garage door is by measuring all the areas the garage door will be installed, like the door-opening width and height, head room (gap between the top opening and ceiling), and back room (the garage’s length). After getting the proper measurements, attach stops on both sides temporarily. Plan the new door’s bottom piece using sawhorses and attach the hinges and lift handles to it.

3rd step: Set the Garage Door Bottom Piece

How to install a garage door after that? Put the bottom piece into the garage door frame. Once it is in the place, beat nails partway to each jamb. Incline or bend slightly the nails in order to secure them in a place.

4th Step: Set up the panels left

How to install a garage door the next is by installing the second panel on the top of the first panel. Then, install the hinges and you can repeat that process for every panel you need. Anchor each of its pieces into a door jamb.

5th step: Set up the rollers

After the section has been secured, the next thing to do on how to install a garage door is installing the rollers in a collected track. Note that you shouldn’t press the rollers too tight against the track as it can damage the door.

6th step: attach the springs

After you secure the tracks, it’s time to attach the springs. As it is a 2-person’s jobs, you need to ask for help from someone, particularly to help lifting the door for about half length. The next thing to do about how to install a garage door is by attaching the springs to pulley system.

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